Let's Combat Micrographia

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An interactive workbook designed to help improve the small handwriting symptom found in those living with Parkinson's Disease. On-going research studies, contact us if you would like to get involved! This workbook is available on our website, on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. 

Watch our interview on WWLP about Micrographia, http://wwlp.com/2017/03/31/help-combat-micrographia/

Read our article on Micrographia on the National Network of Libraries of Medicine's website. https://news.nnlm.gov/ner/tag/parkinsons-disease-micrographia/

We also have Let's Combat Micrographia Writing Workshops! Check out our Upcoming Workshops page to find out more. 

2018 our Let's Combat Micrographia Book Tour will be coming to a Support Group near you!  Scroll down to download a Book Tour Flyer to share with your Support Group or Parkinson's organization. If you would like us to come to your support group send us an email! We are adding dates on an on-going basis!

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Let's Combat Micrographia Book Tour Flyer

Let's Combat Micrographia


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This interactive workbook is designed  to give you a glimpse of The Art Cart's Smile Through Art Workshops for  Parkinson's Disease patients. More importantly, this book is to show  those living with Parkinson's disease methods to improve their symptoms  of micrographia, or small-handwriting. The methods we describe will  require you to participate and write. Seize this opportunity to improve  your micrographia!

Let's Combat Micrographia

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