Did you know the "inability to smile" is a symptom of Parkinson's disease?

Did you know the "inability to smile" is a symptom of Parkinson's disease?

Did you know the "inability to smile" is a symptom of Parkinson's disease?Did you know the "inability to smile" is a symptom of Parkinson's disease?Did you know the "inability to smile" is a symptom of Parkinson's disease?

Smile Through Art®


The creativity portion of our workshop has been developed taking into account several symptoms of Parkinson's Disease including loss of fine motor control, rigidity, and tremors.  Each workshop focuses on a different symptom and how methods of art can help alleviate and counteract the symptom. We also have a large focus on Micrographia and have developed specific workshops to help patients improve their handwriting.Our workshops are supported by research that has been published in the Journal of Alzhiemer's Disease and Parkinsonism.


Did you know the "inability to Smile" is a symptom of various neurological conditions including Parkinson's Disease? 

Our workshops are developed to spread smiles through creativity and movement. Our SMILE acronym-Seize Your Day, Make Positive Memories, Inspire Yourself and Others, and Promote a Healthy Environment. We encourage the involvement of a family member or caregiver to re-build their bond


The movement portion of our workshop focuses on developing fine and gross motor skills while promoting a healthy environment. Through exercises and activities participants are challenged both physically and mentally promoting stimulation in both sides of their brain. Our workshops foster growth in a motivating environment that increases confidence and mood.

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Featured in Brain&Life Magazine

Brain&Life is a publication by The American Academy of Neurology. Read more about our programming by clicking the link below.

Our Programs are Supported by Movement Disorder Specialists


Measuring Success of our Workshops

Our workshops have proven to enhance mood in people living with Parkinson's Disease 96% of the time!  


Parkinson's vs Non-Parkinson

We are also measuring the impact of creativity and movement on people living without Parkinson's. 

See What Our Participants Are Saying

“This class has helped my tremors so much! Thank you!”

“Having my wife share the experience with me was great. Thank you for bringing our happiness back."

"Parkinson’s has limited me in many ways but The Art Cart has opened my world view."

"I experience new avenues of self-expression that take on the fight against Parkinson’s!"

"The workshops have given me a new light and shown me how to use my symptoms to create!"

"I have never felt so stimulated-both mentally and physically!"

We've Spread Smiles to the following and Can Travel to YOU



Where it all began! In 2013 we partnered with the American Parkinson Disease Association MA Chapter and since have brought our program to 13 cities in MA!

Rhode Island


In 2015, we planned three workshops in Rhode Island. We will be returning to Rhode Island in 2018!



We were selected to present a Renewal Room and present our preliminary research at The World Parkinsons Congress in 2016.



We were invited to attend and present our Smile Through Art Workshop at the APDA-Iowa Conference in 2017.



We were invited to attend and present at the Ponies for Parkinson's event sponsored by Parkinson's International.



In partnership with APDA-CT we brought our Smile Through Art Workshop to West Hartford, CT.

Coming Soon to a City Near YOU

Toronto, Canada


We are headed to Toronto, Canada December 2019. Visit our Schedule page to learn more!

New York


We're heading to New York to program a Smile Through Art™ Workshop in partnership with APDA-NY. Additional workshops coming in 2019!



We were in Wisconsin for the 2018 Optimism walk and are going to have Smile Through Art Workshops offered March 2019! Visit our Workshops page to see how you can sign up!

See What Other Neurological Disorders We Work With

Our Creativity and Movement Workshops have proven to be beneficial to those living with Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, Stroke victims, and Autism !!

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